Arton Agroni

Hello I’m Arton and I am a Web Designer

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What do I do?

I enjoy creating userfriendly interactive experiences

My story

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to work with computers, as I grew older and I experimented with different artworks I finally ended up in the UX & UI world, I fell in love with how closely related your creation were to people and how simple apps could help people find each other. Ever since I have worked on improving my skills in this field and I continue to do so.

Why am I doing this?

I live and breathe for Web Design, I find joy in making compelling and user-friendly designs. Every day I have a new Idea of something I want to create and design.

Web Integrator

3 years of coding education


5 years of graphic design education


2 years of UX & UI education

Research, Sketching and Design

I have always delved deep into my projects, making sure that every part of the design is there to create meaning and have a purpose. It has always been important for me that my designs make sense and are easy for users to use. Where everything is backed up by research and countless sketches.

To do exactly that I have acquired experiences in many programs, to help me solve those tasks that come along my way.

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Let us talk

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